Post 8: Quirks and quiddities of Nelson, New Zealand

On the eve of flying to Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand, I am recalling what I enjoyed about visiting the South Island.

I flew to Nelson via Christchurch.  It seems to me only those that live in New Zealand, or have visited, know where their towns are, so here is a map taken from

New Zealand is apparently the fourth best of the economically free nations (after Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, so says   Amazing, ain’t it?

And yet, in despite all the efficiency and good economy, New Zealand seems to be a really nice, almost old-time place.  Here are a few shots of the highlights around Nelson, which is the centre of the country.

Climbing was involved to photograph this

There were gentle touches of humour, often involving red vehicles

Clock drove up minutes before

Trees for sale, I think. On the way to Rabbit Island

It seems that it’s forbidden for citizens to be hurt.  First the city fathers cut down the biggest tree in town as it was about to shed a branch or two.  They made a tree stump worth visiting, but with a kill-joy sign on it.

The Big Tree, or what's left

...but visual fun only

Lush beautiful gardens, both private and public:

Random Richmond Garden

The day before the Rose Show at Broadgreen House

Rural extras:

An inquisitive Shetland

Typical rural post box

and the lovely sea views.

Cable Bay

Finally, only in New Zealand.  I have no idea why this happens…..

Bras on a fence in the middle of nowhere


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