Random smiles in Auckland

Interesting conversations were overheard with children in Auckland.

As well as the boy who entertained us in the Sky Tower lift, there was a different boy who was not in the least fazed by the concept of being up in the clouds.  He was interested in figuring out how he could be so big in comparison to the tiny bus below.

Kids… not born with fear

However the conversation that made me smile the most was at an Auckland shopping centre where a short person spotted this sign:

“Look, a wolf!” he said.

His mother tried gentle education, “No, it’s LIKE a wolf but it’s a dog.”

{??? Our kids know more about wolves than dogs? I thought that kiwi birds were about the biggest form of wildlife in New Zealand.]

“It’s a wolf!”

“No, it’s like a wolf, but it’s a dog.”

“It’s a wolf.  And look, there’s a candle!”

The jaded mother had learnt her lesson by now.

“Yeah, a stinky candle.”


Red cars in New Zealand are the comedy prop, apparently.  I’ve posted a couple already.

I enjoyed this car number plate, particularly when I saw the rest of the car.

Probably empty (sour grapes)


Just me perhaps? This company name made me smile.

Carcel parcels… or castle pastles?  Depends on your accent

I love Antipodean humour.  I hope it’s always meant to be humorous.


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