That’s why they call them Falls

Steavenson Falls

Steavenson Falls

We went to visit Steavenson Falls (yes, it’s spelled that way, and here’s the proof):

What's along Falls Road

What’s along Falls Road

All I can say is that Steavenson must have been a mere mortal, whereas Victoria was of course an Empress.  It felt surprising that of the few roads in the area with a name that wasn’t something like B360 or C508, this road was actually called Falls Road.

Anyway, it was quite a sweet little trickle.  They take it seriously, and have floodlighting till 11pm each night.  More floodlights than Newlands Stadium right now, I bet.


Lighting for evening show


I stood on the bridge part of the way to the top, and took a photo.  Now the thing to note about the photo below is the mother and her children just about to step into the rocky river, to get back to her husband, whose arm is in the left of the photo.

This is going to end badly, can you tell?

This is going to end badly, can you tell?

I went behind him and walked along the left of shot to get to another viewing area,  Then I heard the woman shout in alarm that the rocks were very slippery and she could not bring the children out safely.  Her husband carried on enjoying the scenery, so being the only other person in sight, I hastily put down my camera on the side of the path and went down the bank to reach the children.

I thought the toddler would cry when I grabbed him, but he was fine, and stayed put till I’d brought his sister out and then given a hand to the mother. I found the shoes and threw them up the bank to the family, by which stage the husband had noticed that he was nearly a family member or three short.

They thanked me profusely, but it had really been a nothing-sort-of-rescue; as long as no one hit their heads, they were in no real danger of drowning, I think – just spraining an ankle or ending up with several bruises if they fell.  I congratulated myself that I hadn’t been the one to fall and make a fool of myself, because so often when I help people I come off badly.  Not sure why, it’s just a Thing.

So happily on my way, good deed done, I picked up my camera again (it was still there!).  And that’s when the bad news hit.  I had put it down so fast that I scratched the lens on the rocky side wall.  While it doesn’t seem to have affected the photos taken since then, I’m devastated as I have been so careful always to cap the lens when not filming, and not to take the camera into danger.

I wonder if next time I will stand on the bridge instead and take a video of babies floating downstream.  What do you think?



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